Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Odd things that are ministry normal...

Let's face it; sometimes living in the ministry exposes you to situations that would be considered odd anywhere else, and yet, they're just a normal part of this life. I thought it would be fun to call out our odd normalities...
This week's odd normal happened at Walmart. I was doing my weekly shopping for groceries, household supplies and miscellaneous junk when my husband called asking if I would like to join him for a quick lunch. Between finishing up a massive building project, beginning a renovation of the former space, all the celebratory holidays/moments in May and a late Easter, moments together are a rare commodity, so I told him I would finish up quickly and meet him. That's when it happened...I spotted a sweet older lady in the church...not one of the frustrating of the dear saints of the church, supportive, precious, deserving of a full conversation. But, sigh, I just wanted to shop quickly and make it to lunch. After successfully bobbing and weaving around her, the unthinkable happened...another woman I didn't know from Adam looks up, a huge smile of recognition spreading across her face...

"Hey there, I LOVED what you had to say in the Mother's Day sermon yesterday! I love New Hope. We moved here from Georgia six months ago. I've really felt that...blah, blah, blah..."

Insert my smiling face hiding the internal dialogue that goes something like this... "Crud, who is she? Should I know her? Did she come to Newcomer's night, cause I got nothing... I'm trying to get shopping done. Shoot, she's lonely and is so happy to talk...guilt, guilt, guilt. But I really need to wrap this up. How do I let her know she's important and valued, but I need to keep moving?"

I seriously doubt this happens in most people's lives. At least not getting trapped by complete strangers who know every detail of your many kids you have, their names, ages, interests, etc... I love this life, but you gotta admit, sometimes it's a weird one.

Next aisle over, guess who I bump into? I resigned myself to another long conversation when she smiles, warmly greets me then says, "I'll see you later, dear. I really need to finish my shopping." Have I mentioned how much I love this precious saint of our church?

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